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Home Learning

Currently, most students will be accessing their learning in school. Teachers will add lesson material to Google Classroom in time for the start of their lessons for those students who may not be able to attend school. The same learning will be set for students in school and at home.

Google Classroom can be accessed using the Google Classroom app on phones and tablets, on a Chromebook, or on a laptop or desktop PC.









Please remember that for some periods, students have different subjects, so students may not always have the same lesson as their friends. Please ask students to check their personal timetables carefully so that they attend the right subject at the right time. These can be found in their planner or on their emails.


Below, you will find the instructions and student checklists for accessing our live lessons. Live lessons will only be delivered if the entire class are learning from home.




For additional work, please check the 'Independent Learning' link below. This document contains a list of websites and activities recommended by our teachers to support student learning.


If you have any questions about home learning, please contact

Alternatively, you can contact your child's Pastoral Year Leader below.


  • Year 7: Mrs Sullivan  (01482) 496736  

  • Year 8: Mrs Ford-Bentham (01482) 496734 

  • Year 9: Mr Garrod (01482) 496737

  • Year 10: Miss Lowthorpe (01482) 496735   

  • Year 11: Mrs Loughton (01482) 496733 

Google Classroom
Cheat Sheet
Google Classroom
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