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Good attendance is fundamental to raising achievement.

The aim of the school’s attendance policy is:

  • To encourage all pupils to attend school regularly and promptly, achieving an attendance rate that enables them to progress and fulfil their potential

  • To encourage positive attitudes to the school and attendance from the parents of the pupils and the wider community

  • To implement a whole school policy on attendance and ensure that staff are acting on it

  • To reduce unauthorised absences within the school at all levels – whole school, year group, class, individual and internal truancy

  • To reward good attendance and punctuality in keeping with the rewards system in the school

  • To set individual targets for all pupils.

Good attendance is critical to continue the progress that we have made at Kelvin Hall School. It is a fundamental and basic responsibility of all staff to maximise and encourage good attendance on a day-to-day basis and in their strategic and longer term decision making and planning.

The school has an attendance team who are responsible for specific action, but attendance is the responsibility of all. Parents and students are part of the partnership to improve attendance.

The school uses an electronic registration system called Lesson Monitor. This system allows the registration of pupils on a lesson-by-lesson basis and recording the information on PCs. The system allows the generation of detailed and specific analysis of pupil attendance.

You will be able to find our Attendance policy, alongside with our other policies, on the Our Policies page.

If you have any questions about our behaviour and attendance policy, please contact us.

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