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As we begin another half-term at Kelvin, we’ve already had masses to celebrate with our students. Five focus groups across the school have celebrated with pizza parties - a reward for winning our half-termly attendance competitions. We have handed out over 10 Extra Mile postcards since returning to school and students have collected over 2,400 positive points in each subject and around the school in the past week.We have so much to look forward to and celebrate in the near future - including our next round of Kelvin Experiences!

Golden tickets will be given to over 200 pupils during the week beginning 5th December. Three different activities have been planned and students will have the opportunity to attend:

- a gaming workshop;

- a pottery painting session with ‘Tea and Bisque-It’;

 - the chance to attend our Winter Cinema Club with hot chocolate, snacks and a Christmas film.  

Our November edition of the Extra Mile Blog celebrates our biggest number of students yet. A special mention must go to the 17 students who have qualified for the Humberside round of the Cross Country Championship: 

Year 7: Lennon, Amelia, Bradley, Oliver, Liam.

Year 8: Maria, Reuben, Samuel. 

Year 9: Trent, Will, Esmae, Lilly.

Year 10: Lizzy, Dallas, Rose, Olivia, Edward.

All students featured in the blog receive both an ‘Extra Mile Postcard’ and 4 points towards their total. All points go towards a Golden Ticket and attendance at Kelvin Experiences.

Multiple Extra Mile postcards have been handed out in the Art department over the past 3 weeks. Elyse achieved a postcard for her outstanding work in Art. She has shown critical evaluation skills when studying the fashion of Princess Diana and blew away SLT and the Art department with this work.

Meanwhile, Italia and Samuel also achieved a postcard for their outstanding effort and success in blending both creativity and social issues.

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Grace impressed equally with her enthusiasm and commitment in producing independent work mixing dark and beautiful themes.

Finally, Jessica achieved an Extra Mile postcard within Art for her hard work in blending science and creativity together. 

And finally, congratulations to a group of Year 7 pupils who have made a fantastic start to Year 7 RE, demonstrating excellence in independence. Xav, Leo, Archie and Filip have gone above and beyond within their "Places of worship" homework - well done!

Harriet and Saja have gone above and beyond in a recent Science lesson. When given the opportunity to dissect a heart, they jumped at the chance! They both showed great maturity and independence in their approach to the activity. 

A big "Well done!" to Harry in Year 7 who has shown brilliance in his verbal contributions in Science. He articulated how stomach medications can neutralise stomach acid expertly - a fantastic effort!



What a fantastic half term it has been. We’ve celebrated success across the school - from spot prizes for pupils who have received recent ‘gold’ rewards, to 100% attendance Hull Fair hampers. During this week, we even saw the hand out of our first Golden Tickets - awarded to the students who have achieved the highest number of positive points since we returned to school in September.


This edition of Extra Mile Blog continues to celebrate some of our incredible students and their achievements over the past two weeks. I’m thrilled to see both our long-standing Y11 and new Y7 students be recognised for going above and beyond in varying areas of our curriculum. A reminder that all pupils featured in the blog receive an Extra Mile postcard to celebrate their achievements, along with 5 points to go towards their total for the year.


Aaron and Ismail have both celebrated success in their first half term of Geography - they’ve excelled within their Map Skills, demonstrating confidence and hard work in utilising OS map symbols, direction, scale and even in the use of contours. This is building a great foundation for success in the subject, well done!

Preston, Lara and Marty worked exceptionally hard during a recent Science practical lesson. Together, they worked to explore the use of acid and filter paper to produce salts. Well done to you all - you showed brilliant team work, hard work, independence and respect for the classroom during this investigation.

A massive well done to Scarlett who received an Extra Mile postcard for supporting staff and students in preparing for learning. Scarlett arrived at a recent lesson early from lunch to help Ms Dearing set up the room with chromebooks ready for their re-roomed technology lesson. Scarlett showed excellent support for her peers throughout the lesson whilst also working to the best of her ability.


Lucy has blown the Art Department and our leadership team away with her commitment and independence within GCSE Art and Design. She made a choice to take her Natural Forms work from Year 9 home to entirely re-design. She used both watercolour and acrylic paint to create a stunning pond landscape which also holds strong links with her GCSE Geography course. Her independence and hard work cannot be ignored - outstanding work!


Welcome to the first edition of Kelvin Hall's "Extra Mile" blog!

This will be a showcase of pupils and their efforts across the curriculum which demonstrates those who have gone "above and beyond" in excelling in a subject area. All pupils featured in the blog receive an Extra Mile postcard to celebrate their achievements.


Evie in Year 7 has made a phenomenal start to the year in Science! She successfully completed her first science practical to turn Iron and Sulfur into Iron Sulfide. This was her first compound made!

Alfie in Year 8 received an Extra Mile postcard for demonstrating outstanding independence in his food technology class. Not only did he produce a great meatball dish, but he also was asking and answering questions. Well done, Alfie!


Lexi, in Year 8, has amazed her Languages teacher after achieving full marks on her French vocabulary test, showing independence that she had learnt the new vocabulary in her own time. Her work was presented beautifully in her book representing her hard work during this lesson. Superb demonstration of the Kelvin Hall Values.

Miley, Ruby, Katie and Fiesta celebrated 4 Extra Mile postcards for their exceptional development of group work in English. The girls worked collaboratively to investigate the suspects linked to criminal activity in Victorian England. Through excellent use of comprehension skills, they created a brilliant summary of Jack the Ripper.

Future detectives in the making!

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