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Homework is useful in helping pupils to develop and extend their learning in school, as well as encouraging the ability to learn independently. At Key Stage 4, it becomes even more important that pupils have developed the independent learning skills that they will need in the next step of their education or training.

Homework may be specific short tasks or may involve longer, extended pieces of work. Pupils will also regularly be given reading homework tasks in a number of subjects. We ask parents and carers to be involved in their children’s learning, by discussing homework with them and ensuring they keep up-to-date with deadlines.

Many homework tasks may involve using online resources and our school facilities offer the opportunity for pupils to remain behind after school to complete homework. We use a wide variety of online packages which pupils can easily access in school, in the library, from home or from mobile devices. Our aim is for all pupils to be able to easily access the necessary resources to complete homework successfully.


Google Classroom

Teachers across subjects will be regularly posting homework on Google Classroom, enabling your child to access and complete tasks at home, with the help of a computer or any other means used to access the Internet. 


Google Classroom
Google Classroom Cheat Sheet
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