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Ofsted Report

Kelvin Hall School was inspected by one of His Majesty’s Inspectors and four additional inspectors in January 2024.

The inspectors visited lessons across the school, reviewed a range of documents, evaluated students' work, and held meetings with governors, staff, and groups of pupils. They also reviewed questionnaires from students, parents, and staff.

Kelvin Hall was judged to be "Good" across all four judgement areas and given an overall rating of "Good".

The school was recognised for its welcoming environment, ambitious and rich curriculum, strong personal development programmes, and effective safeguarding procedures. The report highlights several positive aspects of the school, we share below some highlights of which we are particularly proud.

Seeking continuous improvement, the school acknowledges the Ofsted report's recommendations for further development in two areas. These are refining the curriculum organisation for a small number of subjects at Key Stage 3, and meeting the individual needs of different student groups. 

Kelvin Hall School believes in open communication and collaboration with its community. By acknowledging areas for improvement and actively working towards them, as well as celebrating the many successes of our school, the school demonstrates its commitment to providing even better care and education for all students.

We are grateful to have the support of our parents and the wider community. We are incredibly proud of our school, our staff, and our students. 

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