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Ofsted reports

Kelvin Hall School was inspected by one of Her Majesty's Inspectors and four additional inspectors in February 2015.

The inspectors visited lessons across all subject areas, reviewed a range of documents, evaluated student’s work and held meetings with governors, staff and groups of pupils. They also reviewed questionnaires from staff and parents.










Main Findings

Kelvin Hall School was judged to be Outstanding across all areas, and given the top rating of 1.
Inspectors determined that: “leadership and management at all levels, including governance, is outstanding. The key feature is a relentless pursuit of excellence.”


The school was identified as having “high expectations, a safe and secure learning environment, skilled teaching and ambitious, well-behaved students, which has led to high academic standards and outstanding achievement.”


Staff “take pride in their contribution to this successful school” and inspectors commented that a motivation for their hard work was that “no one wants to let a student down.”


The quality of teaching was graded as Outstanding, with teachers asking questions skilfully, giving excellent advice and having high expectations for all their students. Teachers were described as having “very secure subject knowledge” and classroom behaviour was excellent.  Inspectors noted that “feedback is frequent and comments are personalised to each student.”


Ofsted inspectors complimented the work of the pastoral and care teams in helping pupils to feel safe at Kelvin Hall and said that there were “clear lines of responsibility for care of students and that students have entire confidence that adults will help and support them.”


The whole school was described as being “passionate about promoting students’ personal development… at the heart of this is a desire to promote leadership skills in all students.” Students were judged to make “rapid progress” and it was noted that there no gender gap in achievement between boys and girls.


Our students were described as being “keen to learn and work hard. They take pride in their work, which is completed with accuracy and care.” Behaviour around the school building was described as “exemplary” and attendance was noted to be above average levels.


Inspectors concluded that “the school is perfectly placed to continue to provide an outstanding education for its students.”


If you have any questions about Ofsted, please contact us and we can help you. Alternatively, you can find more information on the Ofsted website  or in the full published Ofsted report below.


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Ofsted Reports

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February 2015

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