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Frequently Asked Questions

For support with starting Secondary School

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Snacks to eat

Can I bring my own snacks to eat in school?

Yes you can and is advisable for breaks as the queues for hot food can be long.

Please only bring drinks in small individual size bottles.  If you wish to take a drink in class, it can only be water. 

Energy drinks are not allowed in school.

Chewing gum is not allowed in school.

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When do we start school and which Focus Group will I be in?

School holiday dates can always be found on our website, and we will also be sending letters to all students and their parents to update the start dates, times and arrangements for September. Copies of letters sent out will be posted on the website, too. The letter will inform students which Focus Group they have been placed in.

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Can we wear trainers when we come in September?

No, we have a strict policy of wearing black shoes in school. There is a section on our website for uniform requirements.

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Kelvin is so big, I’m afraid I won’t be able to find my way around.

You’re right, Kelvin Hall is big but the layout is very easy.  You will have room numbers on your timetables. Each floor has a label

Ground floor=G

First floor = 1

Second floor = 2

It is followed by the room number which counts on 1 up to 51.


The school is light and airy with no small corridors to confuse you.

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How is bullying tackled at Kelvin Hall School?

Our school does not tolerate bullies. Anyone who tries to bully others is spoken to and dealt with. 

Your Year Leaders are available at breaks and lunches, before and after school, if you want to talk.We encourage all students to speak about any attempts to bully, so that we can stop it happening.

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How much homework is given out in Year 7?

There is homework to do each week, which will be set by subject teachers. 

Homework can be a variety of tasks such as researching a subject, finding resources, talking to family and friends, writing, IT work and lots more. 


Tasks are small pieces of work that can easily be completed at home and you will normally be given a week to hand them in.

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How challenging is the work? What if I think I can't do it?

The work level is very similar to work you have completed in Year 6.  You will be taught in groups that work at a level to match your capability. 


If ever you feel you are struggling , you can always talk to your subject teacher or your Focus Group teacher, who will listen and advise.

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