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Examination Results 2020


Key Stage 4 GCSE Results 2020


On the 20th August 2020 students and staff celebrated terrific success as students received their GCSE, BTEC, Cambridge National and VCert results. Students were awarded the highest of their centre-assessed grades or the grades derived from the standardisation process undertaken by examination boards, replacing students sitting examinations in the summer of 2020.

Our Year 11 students have worked tremendously hard over their five years and we are extremely proud of their individual results in circumstances that have been very challenging for all Year 11 students nationally. As with all years, we will always continue to strive for outstanding outcomes for all our students.

These highly successful results will enable students to progress on to a wide range of post-16 courses, providing a solid foundation for their success as they begin their study of A Levels, BTEC Nationals level 2 and 3, Cambridge Technical courses and Apprentice/Traineeships in September 2020.

*The results in the summer of 2020 will not be shared on any local or national basis this year and there will be no published National school results for September 2020 for any schools nationally.


Education, Employment and Training


The Department for Education reports on the percentage of pupils who go onto education, employment or training after GCSEs. In 2018 and 2019, 100% of pupils from Kelvin Hall achieved this.  We are extremely proud of our achievements and we know that our very good academic standards, wide ranging curriculum and caring pastoral support contributes to the excellent prospects of our students.


Please see below for the current destinations of our Year 11 Leavers in 2020.


Kelvin Hall School destinations 2020 (%)














Kelvin Hall School 2020 Results


Kelvin Hall School 2019 Results




We continue to work hard to ensure our pupils receive the best possible careers guidance, so all our Year leavers continue to access the best possible post 16 opportunities.


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For more information about the performance of Kelvin Hall School, please visit the Department for Education website to view the national school performance tables.


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