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International Links With Schools Abroad


Some of our projects which take place in school are with schools from other countries. In recent years we have maintained relationships with schools in Spain, as well as working with schools in Bangladesh and Germany. Below is a brief description of the work that has taken place.


IES Pérez de Ayala, Oviedo, Spain

Kelvin Hall has had a link with this school for a number of years which has allowed for successful Spanish Exchange projects to take place, and this year was no different. In October 2018, Kelvin Hall students went out to Oviedo for a week to experience Oviedo's culture, speaking the native language and living with their Spanish partner and their families. Whilst there, the students took part in presenting a presentation about Hull Culture and Kelvin Hall, receiving a presentation about Oviedo, morning lessons and spent the afternoons experiencing different parts of the culture of Oviedo. This was great as the students were there at the same time as the Princess of Asturias Awards - which celebrates achievements in the sciences, humanities and public affairs.


In March 2019, Kelvin Hall hosted the students and staff from Oviedo, for a week. The Oviedo students took part in school lessons, as well as trips around Hull and the East Riding to experience the culture and history. The students were taken on the Fish Trail of Hull, to Whitby and the home of Dracula, National Coal Mining Museum due to Oviedo being from a mining region of Spain.


The feedback from both sets of students and staff is that the exchange has been a great experience for all to develop their learning of language, global culture and different education systems. As a result of this, we look forward to continuing our work together in the future.

Hazrat Shahjalal High School, Bangladesh

In recent years, Kelvin Hall has made a link with Hazrat Shahjalal and has focused on joint awareness days. Previous awareness days have been based on World Aids Day in December 2018, Internet Safety, and Fairtrade. For World Aids Day, both schools took part in assemblies and other class based activities to raise the awareness of illness, who is affected, how it is treated and to bust the myths associated with it. Whilst HIV/Aids is well managed in both countries, the aim of this project was to educate the students on how people are affected by this illness and it's stigmas, in the hope that they can help reduce inequalities in the way that sufferers are treated by others. 

Eichsfeld-Gymnasium, Duderstadt, Germany

The link between our two schools has been a recent one. Students from year 9 & 10 at Kelvin Hall exchanged letters with students in Duderstadt, in order to develop their reading and written skills in both German and English. The letter exchanges were based on school life, families, themselves, Christmas traditions and hobbies. All students who took part in letter exchanges really enjoyed the project, so much so that the students have become friends rather than just taking part in a school project. 

IES Perez de Ayala
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