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Blog 1 - 09/11/23


Extra Mile Blog: Half-Term 1

The school is so proud of the hard work and resilience that the students have shown during Half-Term 1. This long and gruelling half-term has been testing for all, but the Extra Mile Rewards that  students have received really showed their commitment and dedication to their education. Each Year Group had Celebration Assemblies in the final week of the term to recognise students' successes in all elements of school life, including positive points, attendance, commitment outside the classroom, and of course, achieving Extra Mile recognition.  


All students featured in the blog receive both an ‘Extra Mile Postcard’ and 4 points towards their total.

Harry A, Charlie B, Destiny R, and Emilia W in Y7, are our first recipients of an Extra Mile postcard in this blog post. Our Leadership Team were incredibly impressed with their end-of-term topic project on Healthy lifestyles. Not only did they look professional, but they also had all the required content to get the highest outcomes when they go onto GCSE Science.

Students in Year 8 received Extra Mile rewards for their culinary skills. The above pictures showcase the final product of what the students have been working on throughout the term. Well done to Stan L, Preston W, Grace E, and Jacob B.

Isabelle C, and Ceyda M received their Extra Mile accreditation for their immaculate bookwork and consistent contribution to Science lessons. As you can see from the photographs of their books, the work is beautiful and it continues on every page. Well done both of you.

Ahmed H, Artem D and Miley G created models of atoms. They were correctly labelled and good use of colour to show different parts of the structure. These were selected as the best in the whole year group for this activity.

Chloe D in Year 7 received an Extra Mile card for giving an in-depth and detailed explanation of the Tudor times, stating her opinion of whether Kings and Queens were good or bad. This scholar-like answering showed knowledge and communication skills beyond Chloe’s age. Well done!

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