Technology and SET

Technology and SET are taught across three key areas in key stage three. Options include: Food Technology, SET and Computer Science.


In Key Stage three, the curriculum is shared across the three key areas over three hours per week in year seven and eight. In year nine pupils opt in to subjects in year eight in which they have three hours of teaching time. Key stage three class groups are set according to pupils' key stage two data.


Topics studied include:


Food Technology

Year seven- Fruit and vegetable preparation; basic knife skills; healthy meals for young adults- further knife skills, cooking with proteins and carbohydrates; and main meals


Year eight- Functions of eggs and other ingredients. Predominantly savoury aspects are covered for example: bread rolls; scones; chilli. This will be followed by cake decorating.


Year nine- Optional



Year seven- Students develop a range of learning skills that are fully transferable while working on projects that include aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).


Year eight- Students continue with the apects of study from year seven covering SET topics through different projects of which they can receive a Bronze Crest Award


Key Stage Four

At Key Stage four, students can opt for subjects from the following list:

  • Food Technology

  • Computer Science