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Sophie Marsden

Current Career: Project Coordinator @ GEV Wind Power

At the young age of 22 Sophie has risen through the business at an incredible speed, from administration apprentice to project
coordinator responsible for managing over 200 technicians.


She has recently won the Women into Manufacturing and Engineering Award at the Humber Renewables Awards 2019.

Why did you choose this career? (what pathway did you follow, why did you choose this route, what have your learnt along the way).

I left Kelvin in 2013 and completed 2 years of education at Wyke College. I completed Accounting, Business Development and Health & Social care. At Wyke I picked up a high interest in accounts and wanted to complete an apprenticeship. University wasn’t for me because I felt that experience in a career is more noticed than the degree. Also, I prefer to earn as you learn.

I joined GEV Wind Power in 2015 as a business apprentice. I took the gamble with this apprenticeship as there weren’t any others in accountancy. The apprenticeship was still a good achievement though and helped me develop in my first year at GEV. I very quickly proved myself as an apprentice and was regarded as highly competent by my colleagues, I was soon promoted to GEV’s accounts department in April 2016. I didn’t stop there however and my aptitude alongside excellent work ethic were further noted as I rapidly gained my AAT qualifications. I took on responsibilities wherever possible gaining skills in administration, accounting, travel coordination, purchasing and stores management. I was given the opportunity to take on much more responsibility, with a promotion to Project Coordinator. Although I had been given the opportunity to know the business inside and out, this was my first foray into Project Management Co-ordination. Despite this I threw myself into the role with enthusiasm and determination. I was eager to take on continued professional development to propel me in my role, most notably completing Cranfield University’s Improvement Project Performance Course, as well as auditing training and AAT qualifications. This then led me to win the Women in Manufacturing and Engineering Award at the Humber Renewables event in May 2019.

During my career journey I have realised that you need to work hard to be noticed and to achieve higher goals/achievements. All opportunities provided are worth trying as there is nothing to lose and gaining the experience in the different roles has helped me grow as a person.

What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

Explore all opportunities out there in the world

Attend career evenings to look at the opportunities

Don’t have your mind set on one role in life, take any chance.  

Sophie’s employers say...

 “Sophie has served as a true inspiration to other young people and a beacon for what you can achieve with determination and hard work”.

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