Religious Education


Hours per week: 1 


At KS3 the RE locally agreed Syllabus is taught alongside lessons which suit the context and needs of our local community.  Lessons are designed to broaden students' understanding and awareness of religious, spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects in our community on both a local and national level but also issues impacting us globally.


Religious Studies is taught as a choice subject within KS4 at Kelvin Hall School. The subject aims to broaden pupils’ minds in studying Religion and Thematic Studies from a variety of perspectives. We will discuss and look at the Beliefs and Practices of two main world religions: Christianity and Buddhism. The students are also given the opportunity to explore highly debated issues through a range of Thematic Studies. This subject enables students to have self awareness and reflect on their own beliefs and encourages them to develop and strengthen life skills such as respect, empathy, debate, the ability to listen, tolerance and many more. This supports and compliments a wide variety of career opportunities.


Exam board: AQA GCSE Spec A Religious Studies

Hours per week: 2

Revision material 

All revision resources given to students by the Religious studies department will be accessible via the Kelvin Independence website and a Google Classroom that students are added to.