Year 7: 2 x 20minutes in Period 6

Year 8-11: 1 hour per week 


At KS3-KS4 the Jigsaw PSHE lessons are differentiated and adapted to be taught and suit the context and needs of our local community.  Lessons are designed to broaden students' understanding and awareness of a large range of life skills and topics which are needed to help them become well rounded young people and citizens. Lessons are taught and looked at from a very personal perspective and all lessons are integral to the development and well-being of the students. PSHE is a non-examined subject


The Jigsaw content which is adapted and delivered can be seen via six main topics as shown in the table below. Students study the six same topics each year but at a level which is appropriate for their age and ability. By teaching the curriculum and content in this way students are able to gain a greater depth of knowledge and understanding in each topic as the lessons build year on year and visit issues which are more appropriate at that time in their lives. When students reach Year 11 they only study four of the topics which are suitable to them at that point in their secondary school journey. There is a strong focus on relationships in all aspects, their future, their well being and their identity. 

Useful and supporting learning links

Age appropriate weblinks to accompany the lessons are available on the PSHE noticeboard in the main school agora. This allows for students to access this in their own time and seek support where needed. These weblinks are updated every half term to reflect the current topic and are year group specific.