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Hull Maritime Challenge 2021

This May half term, the Hull Maritime project has a challenge for you. Right now, our staff are busy packing away 50,000 objects in the Maritime Museum!

This includes fragile ship models, paintings, flags, and, of course the much-loved polar bear that lives at the museum too. These items will be placed into secure storage in preparation for works to begin on the building in the autumn to transform the museum into an even better and more exciting space for you to visit.

So this half term, we challenge you to join us in designing your very own storage container using items you have at home, to safely transport an item that’s precious to you. What do you have in your cupboards, in your craft kit or even in the recycling that you might be able to repurpose and make into a storage container?

You’ll need to think about the size of the container, what shape it needs to be, and what materials you’ll use – you could even use things like egg cartons or cereal boxes, or you could use Lego or even learn a new skill like woodwork. What colour will your box be, and will you use a logo? You might also want to include some symbols on the sides to make sure your handlers hold it the right way up and treat it carefully. Maybe you could invent some brand new symbols – if it’s a soft parcel, what might a symbol for ‘no squeezing’ look like? Be as creative and bold as you can be – we’d love to see some designs that really surprise and amaze us!

The top prize for the storage challenge is a year’s admission to The Deep

Take a photo of your creation and send it to us on social media or email us at by Friday 11 June. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for details of what prizes are up for grabs. Happy building!

Here’s a video of me explaining the challenge:

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