Philosophy and Ethics

GCSE Philosophy and Ethics

Some students at Kelvin Hall School are also studying an extra GCSE in Applied Philosophy and Ethics (OCR Religious Studies B- Philosophy and Applied Ethics.) This is taught on Wednesday evenings, from 3pm to 4pm each week. Students cover four units with 12 different topics looking at Philosophy and Ethics. They are:


Unit B601: Philosophy 1
Topic 1: Belief about deity
Topic 2: Religious and spiritual experience
Topic 3: The end of life


Unit B602: Philosophy 2
Topic 4: Good and evil
Topic 5: Religion, reason and revelation
Topic 6: Religion and science


Unit B603: Ethics 1
Topic 7: Religion and human relationships
Topic 8: Religion and medical ethics
Topic 9: Religion, poverty and wealth


Unit B604: Ethics 2
Topic 10: Religion, peace and justice
Topic 11: Religion and equality
Topic 12: Religion and the media


At the end of this course, students will complete four exams (which are linked to the topics above). Each exam lasts for one hour and is worth 25% of the qualification.

Year 11 GCSE Philosophy and Ethics

This subject is offered for Year 11 students currently and is worth one GCSE. Students cover the AQA Religious Studies Specification B, which is taught for one hour per week. The units they study are: "Religion and Morality” and “Religion and Life Issues.”

Topics include:
Morality: Religious Attitudes to Matters of Life; Religious Attitudes to the Elderly and Death; Religious Attitudes to Crime and Punishment; Religious Attitudes to Wealth and Poverty
Life Issues: Religion, War and Peace; Religion and Animal Rights; Religion and Prejudice; Religion and Early Life
Students will have two 1hour 30 minute exams for each module in May/June 2015. Each exam is worth 50 per cent of their grade.