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Home Learning Year 7

Please find below the Home Learning Activities for students.


To access the work, click the blue text on the pdf document and the websites and lesson resources will open.


We have minimised the number of login details required and tried to make sure this work is accessible to everybody using a laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone.


Students should read the ‘Lesson Outcome’ and ‘Main Task’ boxes provided by their teachers, this will help them to understand the work that has been set.


They should then follow the link in the ‘Work to be completed on...’ box, the work has been assigned to students on these websites by their own teachers and this should be the only link they need.


Students should complete their work and any self-assessments they have been asked to do and then ‘hand-in’ the required work to their teachers.


We have also included lesson resources in an online folder in case students struggle to login, and so that parents are able to view the resources for that week.

You will receive this work by email each Friday.


If you have any issues accessing the work, please contact

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KelvinHall - Values flow and chart 2.jpg
KelvinHall - Values flow and chart 3.jpg
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