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Will I get into your school?

Please see our admissions information page or watch the presentation by Mrs H. Harrison. We are a hugely oversubscribed school with a PAN of 320. Last year we had over 840 applications for these places.


What rewards system do you have in place?

Our students are recognised and celebrated for outstanding achievement, effort and behaviour both in the classroom and beyond. When students exceed expectations in the classroom, or during extra curricular activities, they receive a sticker to stick on their chart in their planner. The more stickers they accumulate the better the reward! 


What extra-curricular activities will be on offer to my child?

Normally we have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to suit every student including music lessons through the peripatetic music service, Duke of Edinburgh activities, Student leadership participation, Dungeons and Dragons games club, STEM club, Dance and Drama productions, and a huge range of sports and fixtures across the academic year. We have high participation rates and have been very successful in a number of regional and national competitions. 


This year we are only able to offer a limited number of clubs due to social distancing and year group bubbles.


How do you deal with bullying at Kelvin Hall School?

We take bullying at Kelvin Hall School very seriously and there is a comprehensive reporting system which records any incidents and informs relevant members of staff.  The pastoral team always deals with any cases of bullying swiftly and uses the restorative justice approach to resolve matters effectively.


How do you accommodate high achievers at Kelvin?

High achieving pupils are accommodated in two main ways at KHS: through our curriculum and through extra-curricular activities. In lessons we have high expectations of pupils. Tasks provided are challenging and encourage pupils to consider topics in depth and develop key skills. Outside the classroom pupils are provided with a number of different opportunities to expand on what they have learnt in school. This includes period seven options, trips and workshops. Examples of extra-curricular activities include visits to universities, higher level qualifications and the Maths Leader Award.

My child has Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND).
What support will you provide for them?

If your child has special educational needs they may receive a range of support. We will ensure that their teachers are aware of their needs and that they have the knowledge needed to be able to meet their needs in the classroom. We may also look at assessing your child and providing them with a relevant, outcomes-based intervention to support their needs in a certain area, such as literacy. Some pupils are provided with a TA or member of the SEND team so that they have someone they can check in with and talk to if they are finding they need it. Some of our pupils are part of our ‘Access Room’ programme where we support them with their emotional needs.

We do have a small team of learning support assistants who provide in-class support in some classes and run interventions. We normally have a break and lunch club where pupils can eat and socialise, as well as somewhere they can play games and make friends. We offer an enhanced transition package for those who will benefit from it and can offer more visits or opportunities to meet people if where needed. One of the most important things to us is staying in contact with you and working with you to ensure that we are meeting the needs of your child together.

What performance arts opportunities do you have at KHS?

At KHS we encourage young people to get actively involved in performance arts and there are a wide variety of opportunities available to them. If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, we have a full range of visiting instrumental teachers from the Hull Music Service who visit the school each week. If a student wants to get involved in drama and dance, we run extra-curricular groups and each year the faculty puts on a major production. Recent successes have been ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Elf’. We also have a range of boys, girls and mixed teams that play locally, regionally and occasionally nationally. These include Netball, Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Orienteering, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cross Country, Athletics, Rounders, Softball, Cricket and Tennis, as well as a range of inclusive sports. In recent years we have had great success both locally and nationally.


If my child has peripatetic music lessons at primary school will they continue at KHS?

Yes. The Hull Music Service will forward your name to KHS so we will know that you wish to continue your instrumental lessons when you arrive. Croxby Primary School is in the East Riding so they have a different music service. However, Mrs James, our Head of Music contacts Croxby Primary School directly each year to find out which instrumentals, who wish to continue are coming to KHS in Y7. Many students will have the same instrumental teacher as they had at Primary school, although we cannot guarantee this for everyone.

My child is currently in Year 6 - what happens after I find out they have a place at Kelvin Hall in September 2021?

Our Transition Coordinator will contact you immediately after you are advised that you have a place at Kelvin Hall School. We will send out a ‘Welcome letter’ with lots of information to help assist the transition from Primary to Secondary School. Normally in the second to last week of the summer term, we have all our Year 6’s in school for ‘Induction Week’ where our new students become familiar with the school building, our procedures, staff, and make friends. 


What homework will my child get?

Homework is useful in helping pupils to develop and extend their learning in school, as well as encouraging the ability to learn independently. At Key Stage 4, it becomes even more important that pupils have developed the independent learning skills that they will need in the next step of their education or training.

Homework may be specific short tasks or may involve longer, extended pieces of work. Pupils will also regularly be given reading homework tasks in a number of subjects. We ask parents and carers to be involved in their children’s learning, by discussing homework with them and ensuring they keep up-to-date with deadlines.

Many homework tasks may involve using online resources and our school facilities offer the opportunity for pupils to remain behind after school to complete homework. We use a wide variety of online packages which pupils can easily access in school, in the library, from home or from mobile devices. Our aim is for all pupils to be able to easily access the necessary resources to complete homework successfully.


Will they be a parent/carer meeting in the summer term to provide us with more information?

Yes - all parents/carers will be invited to our ‘Induction Evening’ - usually the 1st week in July. You will meet our senior leaders, your child’s focus group teacher, and also find out much more information regarding your child's time at Kelvin Hall School.


What is the uniform policy at Kelvin Hall?

Our website contains all the information you need - please see ‘UNIFORM’ in the ‘PARENT’ section. In addition, we arrange a uniform fitting evening each summer term. All Year 6 students joining us that September are invited. The event provides you with the opportunity to try on uniform "samples" prior to ordering online.

What is the PE kit at Kelvin Hall?

At Kelvin Hall School the PE kit includes a jade t-shirt or polo which includes the school logo, plain black shadow stripe shorts, and trainers. During the winter months, if the students are outside, they are allowed to wear plain black jogging pants/tracksuit bottoms, and a black top.


How are the students supported when they are at KHS?

Students will receive extensive support throughout their time at KHS. Each year group has its own Pastoral Year Leader. This person is a non-teaching member of staff and is available all day, every day to support students and are contactable via email or phone, should you need to contact them. The PYL will take their year group in Year 7 through to Year 11, providing continuity of care. Each PYL at Kelvin Hall is very experienced as well and suitably qualified - all PYL’s are safeguarding trained and they have all recently completed ‘Mental Health First Aider’ training. 


Each year group will also have an Assistant Year Leader (AYL) and a Behaviour Support Officer (BSO) attached to them. At Kelvin Hall School we also now have a Wellbeing Co-ordinator. This is a new role in our school who works alongside the pastoral team and together with parents/carers to focus on the social, emotional and mental health wellbeing of our students.


What is the school day like at Kelvin Hall School?

Normally school starts at 8.40am and all pupils are asked to be in school no later than 8.30am each morning.


Period one runs from 8.45 to 9.45am and period two runs from 9.45 to 10.45am. Break time is from 10.45 to 11.05am and period three runs from 11.05am to 12.05pm.


Lunchtimes at Kelvin Hall are split to enable pupils to get their lunch faster. Key stage three pupils (years seven and eight) have their lunch from 12.05pm to 12.35pm each day, followed by period four from 12.35 to 1.35pm.


Key stage four pupils (years nine to eleven) have period four first from 12.05pm to 1.05pm and their lunch at 1.05pm until 1.35pm.


All year groups have period five at the same time, 1.35pm to 2.35pm and the school day ends with additional curriculum and tutor time to enhance progress or assembly from 2.35pm to 3pm.


What is the behaviour policy?

Positive, respectful, caring relationships and good self-regulation are at the heart of a safe and productive learning environment. They also underpin outstanding teaching and learning. Therefore, we help everyone in our community to work together to develop, maintain and sustain positive working relationships as well as supporting students and all members of our community to manage their emotions, take responsibility for what follows and to contribute to school and society in a way that matches the school’s values. 


We have a positive, consistent and effective system of rewards and sanctions. The Positive Achievement System is designed to support our young people in achieving our expectations through recognition and reward when they are met. The most important part of this system is recognition and reward in lessons and around school. We recognise the standard we expect, let students know that we appreciate how well they are doing and use rewards to continue to develop positive relationships. The behaviours we value in school are for process and effort, not simply skill or talent, so it encourages and builds a sense of resilience and determination to improve. You can read our full behaviour policy in the OUR SCHOOL - OUR POLICIES on our website.


What are the catering arrangements? 

Kelvin Hall has more than 20 dedicated staff who work hard to ensure that all of the school’s students receive a tasty and nutritious meal each day.


Students can choose from four types of lunches that are available on site, including: a sandwich and panini bar, which serves items like sandwiches, salads and yoghurts; fresh Pasta King meals; ‘traditional’ meals, such as lasagne, chilli, curry or fish and chips;  and ‘grab and go’ lunches, which include items like flatbreads, jacket potatoes, wraps, or pizza slices.


Meal deals, which offer a main course, pudding and drink, are available each day and are currently £2.10 each.


A fresh salad bar is also available each day:  a small salad is £1.50 and large salad as a meal deal for £2.10.


As well as lunch, the school has a selection of snacks and drinks for sale at breakfast and during the morning break. Students can even order a 'grab bag' lunch, made up of a sandwich, tray bake, a piece of fruit and a drink, between 8am and 8.40am to save them queing at lunchtime. Grab bags cost £2.10 each.


The lunch menus change every term and students are given different choices every day of the week. All food sold on site is freshly made by the school’s catering team and every one of the meals and drinks available at the school meet the government’s requirements regarding the provision of healthy and nutritious meals in schools.


On  some occasions, the school will provide fun themed menus such as ‘around the world’, Christmas , Bonfire Night or Valentine’s Day themes. These menus run for one week and will be published in school and on the website.


It is asked that all students pay for their meals using a wisepay card, which is topped up with money in advance. The card then allows them to buy food and drink without having to bring cash to school with them. 


Parents and carers who think they may be eligible to receive free school meals for their children can find out about the scheme and apply via the school website. Free school meal allocation is on an automated system daily.


Can students stay after school to work in the library?

Yes they can. Our librarian Mrs Wilkinson works until 4.30pm each night to help supervise and assist with homework, and encourage students to read and borrow our books.


If you do not feel as though your question has been answered, or you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01482 342229 or email

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