Years 7 and 8

During English lessons in Years 7 and 8, we follow the English Mastery curriculum which combines a solid understanding of key knowledge with the relevant disciplinary skills to excel in the subject.

Our vision is that students will graduate from key stage three English with the academic and cultural literacy required to be educationally mobile, whatever their background.

We want our students to love reading books into adulthood, and share their love of books with others.

Hours per week: 5

The English Mastery curricula for Year 7 and 8 comprises:

Year 9

During English lessons in Year 9, we do not explicitly teach the GCSE course and instead follow a curriculum that continues to promote a love of literature through the study of challenging texts and the contexts in which they are written.

Skills and knowledge needed for KS4 are seamlessly interwoven to fully prepare students for GCSE study without introducing exam terminology and assessment objectives too early. 


Hours per week: 4




In Y10, students study for the English Language GCSE qualification and in Y11, students study for the English Literature GCSE qualification. All students have the opportunity to achieve two GCSE qualifications in English.

At KS4, students further develop their analytical and evaluation skills and will apply these skills to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Through the study and discussion of these texts, students are challenged to consider the moral and social issues that are central to texts. They will also develop the sophistication of their writing skills, both in analytical essay writing and in creative and discursive writing.

Exam board: AQA

Hours per week: 5