Culture and Ethics

Culture and Ethics at KS3/KS4

Students are challenged in Culture and Ethics to cover a variety of different viewpoints other than their own and to consider the positives from different religions.  We teach students a strong sense of morality and inspire students to see what they can learn from different cultures.


All our KS3 curriculum prepares students for future GCSE study.

In year 7 students cover the following topics, a term and a half each:

• Christian beliefs and practises
• Buddhism beliefs and practises


In these topics they study the basic beliefs of each religion and how they live their life.

Students have Culture and Ethics one hour a week.


In year 8 students cover the following topics:

  • Autumn term- Crime

  • Spring term- Social Injustice

  • Summer term- Global issues


The topics we study are linked to current issues that our world faces.

Students have Culture and Ethics one hour a week.

Our aim is to make students active, thoughtful and tolerant.



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