Culture and Ethics

Culture and Ethics: Year 7-8

Students are challenged in Culture and Ethics to cover a variety of different viewpoints other than their own and to consider the positives from different religions.  We teach students a strong sense of morality and inspire students to see what they can learn from different cultures.  

All our KS3 curriculum prepares students for future GCSE study.


In year 7 students cover the six main world religions in three main topics areas:

• Religious places of worship

• Religious festivals

• Religious figures 


In these topics they study the basic beliefs of each of the six main world religions, what they believe and how they live their life. Students have Culture and Ethics one hour a week.


In year 8 students cover the following thematic topics:

  • Global Issues

  • Human Rights

  • Social Injustice


The topics we study are linked to current issues that our world faces and give ths students the key opportunities to formulate their own opinions, discuss and debate whilst also linking the six main world religious views to the content. Students have Culture and Ethics one hour a week.


Our aim is to make students empathetic, tolerant, respectful and to recognise key British Values.