Spanish (MFL)

In Spanish, we follow a helical curriculum model which allows students to build on prior knowledge and develop skills throughout their time at Kelvin Hall.


Our aim is to provide a high quality MFL education which enables students to develop a love of learning for foreign languages alongside understanding and acceptance of a range of different cultures.  Through their language learning, students will recognise the importance of MFL on a global scale. Their studies will give them the skills to communicate in the target language as well as to develop the confidence and independence needed to prepare them for further education and the world beyond.


Hours per week: 2

Students are taught the National Curriculum for MFL across years 7-8.  Teaching is topic based to cover the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.




Exam board: Edexcel

Hours per week: 2


In KS4 students will continue to study Spanish for 2 hours a week

●     In Year 9 students will build on their subject knowledge from Year 7.

●     In Year 10 students will build on their subject knowledge from Year 8.

●     In Year 11 students will revisit all KS4 content and build on it with broader applications in preparation for their exams. We also develop exam technique.

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