Year 9 Careers Offer
Autumn Term
  • Employer network advisor launch BAM Nuttall, presentation to pupils on Civil Engineering, how STEM subjects impact on our environment and the opportunities available in the sector. Q&A with pupils considering how BAM Nuttall can support and inspire Kelvin Hall Pupils.
  • Focus Group Activities – Who Am I - developing self-awareness, skills and personal qualities.
  • Foundations Live – Hobson Porter Construction event at Bishop Burton College, providing pupils with the opportunity to learn more about
Spring Term
  • Languages event - providing pupils with an overview of how languages enhance employability skills and career options.
  • Public Speaker Paul Hughes (ex- military multi-award winning motivational speaker wowing students and teachers alike about the importance of how to learn a language and how (linked to MFL)!
  • Employer led languages Workshops (Summit Media, Princes Trust)
  • York University, Hull University (linguistics, beginners Italian, study abroad).
Summer Term
  • Careers Day - Cragrats - Discovery programme (making decisions, realising  ambitions and understanding how to achieve them).
  • ACE Day at Hull University – an opportunity to find out more about the range of Higher Education opportunities available across the country, including the chance to learn more about student life and finance.
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