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Year 8 Careers Offer

Autumn Term

  • Employer network advisor launch BAM Nuttall, presentation to pupils on Civil Engineering, how STEM subjects impact on our environment and the opportunities available in the sector. Q&A with pupils considering how BAM Nuttall can support and inspire Kelvin Hall Pupils.

  • Focus Group Activities – Who Am I - developing self-awareness, skills and personal qualities.

  • NHS Day in the Life, an interactive experience raising awareness of healthcare careers.

Spring Term

  • Visit to Hull University Energy and Environment Institute, inspiring students to consider careers in science and geography and developing an awareness of environmental issues (linked to geography and science departments).

  • With support from sponsors Advanced Plastics a group of year 7, 8, and 9 pupils have been developing a kit car to compete in the Greenpower Street Race on 28th April. Developing STEM skills in a fun and interactive way.

Summer Term

  • Careers Day - Bright Futures Enterprise Experience – developing pupils to skills to make the transitions into the workplace (including resilience, negotiation, problem solving, creativity, managing fear of failure, managing money. The programme helps pupils develop self-confidence and enhances social skills, in addition to offering the opportunity to meet with employers (links to business department).

  • Making the right choices – Options Evening for pupils and parents (2, 4 8)

  • Girls Into Engineering, providing pupils with the opportunity to develop their STEM skills, meet with female role models from engineering, and learn interview and presentation skills.(2, 4 maths and science, 5).

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