Art and Design

In Art, we follow a rotation curriculum model within the art department allowing the students to get a wide and varied focus of foundation skills, and experience different teaching styles and specialisms. In Year 8 the curriculum allows students to build on their prior knowledge from Year 7 and develop their skills throughout the year. This could lead to Art being chosen as a choice of subject at KS4.

Our aim is to provide a varied, but skilled education package which will enable students to develop a love of the subject and understand how to skilfully use a variety of media when painting and drawing.  Through visual language, they will learn how to look deeper into the visual aspects of an image and analyze the thoughts, meanings and emotions that surround it. They will also be able to make informed choices about media, materials and themes from their own perspectives.


Hours per week: 1

Students are taught the National Curriculum for Art across Years 7 and 8.  Teaching is topic-based and covers the fundamental foundation skills of tone, colour, media and composition.


Exam board: AQA - Assessment weightings 60% Coursework, 40% External set project (Exam)

Hours per week: 2


In KS4 students can choose between 3 different specialisms at GCSE level

●     Fine Art - producing art for an exhibition or presentation viewpoint. This can include sculpture, painting, illustration and printing.

●    Photography - producing studio set-ups and using a DSLR camera with various settings to produce 

high quality outcomes. There is ‘Still Drawing’ included in this discipline.

●   Art, Craft & Design - this is a mixture of both of the above plus a graphics specialism project linked to realistic outcomes for publishing.

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